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2021 Order of Malta #Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage

The Order’s annual pilgrimage to Lourdes was due to start this Thursday 29 April and continue until Monday 3 May. It is usually an inspirational 5 days of prayer, service, fraternity and fun.
Due to the pandemic, there will be very few pilgrims in Lourdes again this year and the Australian Association will not be participating. However, we all have the opportunity to participate virtually.

The celebrations will be broadcast on the Sanctuary’s YouTube channel, to which you can connect from any PC device, tablet or mobile phone through the following link:

In case you should miss some broadcasts, you can review them in replay at any time you like:

Below are the hours of the Holy Masses on 1 and 2 May Australian Eastern Standard Time:

  • 04:30 pm Mass in Italian
  • 06:00 pm Mass in French
  • 07:15 pm Mass in Polish
  • 12:30 am (2 May) Mass in Spanish
  • 01:45 am (2 May) Mass in English
  • 02:45 am (2May) Mass in German

In the afternoon the Rosary will be prayed in the various languages:

  • 10:30 pm Rosary in Polish
  • 11:00 pm Rosary in English
  • 11:30 pm Rosary in French
  • 12:00 am (2 May) Rosary in Spanish
  • 02.00 am (2 May) Rosary in Italian
  • 03.30 am (2 May) Rosary in German

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