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Virtual #Lourdes 2020

Coming soon! Do play the video below to see what is planned!

A link too to the Sanctuary of Lourdes, where they are launching Lourdes United on Thursday 16th July, the anniversary of the 18th and last apparition.

We cannot have an actual Stonyhurst Pilgrimage to Lourdes this year – but we can have a virtual one!

From the 21st August to the 28th August there will be a Virtual Lourdes Pilgrimage put together by the Stonyhurst Pilgrimage Trust in partnership with the Catholic Association.

A programme for each day including Masses, Stations of the Cross, the Rosary, reflections and of course a last night party! Lots of familiar faces! The programme will start on the 21st, but in the meantime you can watch the introductory video by clicking the link below.

Do join us!

Stonyhurst association >>>

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